Core Of Silence only wants to evoke the response of the crowd or listener by way of the musicians emotion and soul and wants the listener to feel the music as the music is much deeper then the ears can hear. This response is much like that of a cat when petted it is a purr and, it is the response that was evoked from the petting. This is all improv on the spot music that is needed in this world today, a freedom of ones soul to play with no box or nets and to walk the tightrope night after night and recording after recording knowing, that each show is started with a blank canvas and at the end of the show there is a complete work of art that can never be duplicated the same way and the listener is actually getting a fresh painting in music every time the band plays a show. So come along on this journey of freedom of expression and become part of the music and let Core Of Silence take you on the ride of musical adventure!
The Band Core Of Silence was formed out of the last 2 members of Purple Oliver J.E. Guitarist and J.G. Guitarist . Both members decided to continue after the loss of M.M. as vocalist for over 20 years, she brought the improv a voice and was a great story teller. J.G. started adding vocals to the improv in the last 18 months along with his harmonica and acoustic guitar. J.E. was back in the position of adding beauty and color to the creations, along with creating SoundScapes with peaks and valleys for the other fellow musicians to twist and weave through with their own contribution to the song From Their Souls.